Individuals & Groups

When you first contact us, we take the time to ask you about your clients’ (individuals or groups) interests, wishes, travel experience and the level of travel comfort they prefer. Using your information and travel wishes, we create a personally tailored travel proposal and then send it to you for feedback and approval.


At Greek Trails, we understand the needs and expectations of the individual traveler. We make sure each and every one of your clients receive the most unique and personalized services. We will design every detail of their itinerary ensuring that they get the best experience.

By knowing your clients’ needs and requirements will enable us to offer suggestions and inspire them with new and creative ideas for their trip.


Whether it’s a leisure group, a school trip, a religious-interest or an incentive group, Greek Trails will work with you to develop the best possible program according to your clients’ interests and help create a lifetime trip.

Group travel is complex in every single organizational aspect. Greek Trails will relieve you of your stressful burden and take care of every single need your group may have; whether we do complete packages or provide individual group services.