What does Greek Trails need from me to begin a proposal for a customized trip?
Do you arrange for honeymoon trips?
Does Greek Trails book “hotel only”?
Can Greek Trails design a custom trip for our group’s interests?
What constitutes a private group?
Does Greek Trails work with travel agents?
Is airfare included in the Greek Trails programs? Can I book my international flight through Greek Trails?
What is the activity level on Greek Trails tours? Are Greek Trails scheduled trips strenuous?
I have a walking limitation. Can I participate in a Greek Trails tour?
What are Greek Trails operating hours?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Can I book my trip on the Greek Trails website, or must I do it over the phone?
When is the best time of year to visit Greek islands?
Prices for the tours vary by month. Why?
Are visas required for travel to Greece?
Are vaccinations required for travel from the United States to Greece?
Should I purchase travel Insurance?
Is English widely spoken in Greece or will it all be Greek to me?
What is the currency in Greece?
What accommodations are used for Greek Trails tours?
Do all hotels in Greece have Non-Smoking rooms?
What transportation means are used for transfers between the islands?
With your van or bus transportation, how many people are seated per vehicle?
Will I be able to use my PC while in Greece? Will I be able to access the internet while in Greece?
How can I call home from Greece? How can I be contacted in Greece from home?
Will I be able to use my mobile phone while in Greece?